Mission & Vision

To be the UK Trade body which focuses on representing and supporting the interests of the entire UK Food and Drink Logistics industry.

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We pride ourselves on providing individual support and advice to our members and respond promptly to their needs whatever they may be.

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Health & Safety

The FSDF offers a range of initiatives to ensure its members are fully competent in all areas of Health and Safety, which have been specifically designed to encourage continuous improvement, accountability and recognition within organisations, the Federation and across the entire industry as a whole.
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Education & Training

The FSDF offers a range of training and skills solutions for the temperature controlled logistics industry. The Federation is committed to working closely with companies to ensure the training meet the needs of employers as well as provide a focused and continuous Professional Development Pathway for individuals working in the industry.

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As an FSDF member, you’ll have access to a wealth of services such as Advice & Guidance, Education & Training and Networking

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The FSDF Committees are made up of volunteers from member organisations, all of whom have specialist knowledge and experience in their respective fields.

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Associated Bodies

The FSDF has strengthened its relationships with many Associated Bodies over the recent years.

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The FSDF regularly contributes to research studies by government bodies and Academic organisations, relating to issues affecting the food and drink industry.

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Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) are voluntary agreements that allow eligible energy-intensive sectors to receive up to 90% reduction in the Climate Change Levy if companies sign up to stretching energy efficiency targets agreed with government.

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