The FSDF has strong relationships with Associated bodies, ranging from other trade associations to academic research projects.

Global Cold Chain Alliance

International grouping of temperature controlled storage organisations. Lead by IARW in the US. We are an associate member.

DEFRA Food Chain Emergency Liaison Group

Industry input to Government emergency planning for the food supply chain.
Members: FDF, BRC, IGD, BHA, DEFRA, DTI, Home Office, Cabinet Office.

Logistics Strategy Forum

HSE Stakeholder Group currently developing new HSE Guidance for the logistics industry.
Members include: BFFF, BRC, Amicus, UNITE, HSE, UKWA

Business Advisory Group on Civil Protection

Industry input on threat both malicious and non-malicious – utilities shortages, avian flu, flu pandemic, terrorist activity.
Members: BRC, ABI, Bank of England, FSB, FSA, IGD, FDF, DoH, DfT, Foreign Office, Cabinet Office, DTI, Security Services.

DTI/DEFRA Stakeholder Group on Refrigerants

Stakeholder group for refrigerant legislation implementation.


Representative body for refrigeration industry trade bodies.

Flu Pandemic Planning Team

Government/Industry group on flu pandemic planning.
Members: FDF, BRC, Dairy UK, British Poultry, DEFRA.

BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution

Steering Group for Standard quality, consistency and development.
Members: BFFF, Retail, wholesale and foodservice technologists, BRC, UKWA, BSI, PTF,

Brunel University CSEF

Researching innovative technologies and approaches that will have significant impacts and contribute to the Government’s long term greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets.

European Cold Storage and Logistics Association (ECSLA)

Representative body for cold logistics businesses and national associations in EU.

International Cold Chain Technology (ICCT)

Grouping of companies and organisations concerned with refrigerated transport.
Members: Carrier, Thermoking, Shipping Companies, Transfrigoroute UK, CRT, BRA, IARW.

Transfrigoroute International

International group representing temperature controlled transport operators.

FSA Stakeholder Group

Industry stakeholder group for meat safety.
Members: DTF, British Poultry, Retail Butchers Association, Abattoir Association, NFU, FSA, MHS.

Carbon Trust Refrigeration Research Group

Group on developing new research projects and co-ordinating existing projects.
Members: CT, FETA, FSDF Institute of Refrigeration and ACRIB

Scottish Government Resilience Board – Food

Advisory Board to the Scottish Government on resilience.

Food Chain Research Network

Research network covering mainly environmental food issues.
Members: Food Manufacturers, Retailers, NGOs.

Freight Best Practice Programme

Close working alliance with this Department for Transport industry support scheme.

Autonomous & Intelligent Demand Management Tool (AIDMT)

Project to develop a tool to help organisations achieve the high levels of customer service required by large retail customers whilst ensuring high levels of waste are not produced within refrigerated and shelf-life constrained food supply chains where extremely high levels of demand fluctuations arise.