Technical & Safety Committee (TASC)
The Technical and Safety Committee (TASC) provides a confidential forum that enables key issues relevant to the food and drink logistics industry to be discussed and reviewed and it also enables pertinent information to be circulated to all the Federation’s members.

Membership of TASC is open to all member companies whose representatives can demonstrate:

  • A sound technical and overall knowledge of at least one of the main focus groups of the committee.
  • Substantial experience at a senior level within the food and drink logistics industry.
  • Commitment to being an active participant and contributor to the work undertaken by the committee.

Each of the focus groups is led by a committee member with both experience and knowledge of the appropriate field:

  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental and Sustainability
  • Food Safety and Hygiene

TASC regularly produces technical bulletins and guides on a variety of relevant subjects including changes to legislation that is of interest to member companies working in the food and drink logistics sector. Copies of all publications produced by TASC can be downloaded from the members area.

Business Affairs Committee
The Business Affairs Committee is the guardian and advisory group on areas which relate to the general management of Federation member companies.

  • Recommended terms and conditions of business for storage and distribution
  • Banking policy
  • Insurance scheme structure and coverage
  • Legal advice
  • Climate Change Agreement
  • Energy policy
  • Quality standards and certification – BSi, BRC, etc.
  • EU regulations
  • Relationships with government departments, agencies and NGO’s
  • Relationships with other trade associations and with European umbrella bodies such as the European Cold Storage and Logistics Association (ECSLA) and Transfrigoroute International

Education & Training Committee
The Education & Training Committee is the advisory group which focuses on all areas relating to the planning and management of vocational training and training pathways for businesses and individuals working in the food and drink logistics supply chain, enabling the Federation to offer courses which reflect the training needs of our members. Courses are delivered by specialist trainers or the content can be purchased for delivery by internal training departments within member companies.

The portfolio of qualifications is constantly under review but currently includes:

  • Driver CPC
  • Industry specific Apprenticeships
  • Industry specific QCF certificates and diplomas

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Transport Committee
The Transfrigoroute Transport Committee comprises 17 representatives from organisations such as distribution operators, refrigeration manufacturers such as Thermo King, Carrier and Frigoblock, equipment manufacturers, fleet engineers and fleet management experts.

Key areas of interest:

  • F-Gas regulations
  • Development of longer trailers
  • Telematics