Management Training Courses 2017

FSDF trainer Jasper Gilder


FSDF is working with Jasper Gilder, a trainer with 30 years’ experience within the logistics sector, to provide in-house training courses covering key management skills and delivered to your own specification. 

Choose from a selection of workshops created by Jasper or talk to him about creating bespoke courses that related specifically to your business.

At a recent FSDF conference, Chris Sturman presented the benefits of using Jasper’s wealth of knowledge in logistics and how training your management team can really influence the bottom line, making them better decision-makers and leaders.  

A number of FSDF members have already benefited from these courses and as a result of exceptional feedback from their staff have booked further sessions.

Courses Available

Appraisal Skills
Formal feedback can be difficult to deliver and unnerving to receive. This informal briefing will help managers and team leaders devise and implement an appraisal process that staff will welcome rather than dread. The session is highly interactive and will encourage delegates to take a positive attitude to undertaking appraisals, and to be able to give feed back with more confidence. 

Dealing with Difficult Customers
How can you differentiate yourself from your competitors? By giving excellent customer service. However difficult customers can be very challenging to deal with from an individual and an organisational perspective. This interactive briefing workshop will help you identify certain types of difficult customer and give you ideas on how to be more confident and successful when dealing with them.

Handling Difficult Team Members
Team members who are difficult to handle can cause all sorts of problems for the team, the team leader, themselves and customers. Managing them can be very stressful for everyone involved and sometimes even your best efforts either backfire or have minimal effect. One difficult individual can throw out all the team working and effort of the others. This interactive briefing workshop will help you identify the different types of difficult behaviour and give you ideas about how to approach these individuals and the problems they cause.

Developing Management Skills
Managers need to develop their skills to be able to progress the companies they work for. Most managers just ‘do it’ with little or no guidance, without considering alternative management techniques. This informal briefing workshop will identify those actions and behaviours which will bring the best out of the team and help avoid some of the consequences of poor management.

Influencing for Results
Being able to get the outcome you want from different people and situations is an important skill. Often you will need to influence customers, third parties and your bosses where you don’t have the line authority to get what you want. Different approaches are needed for these situations.  This interactive briefing workshop will help you develop the confidence to adopt different influence techniques and skills to get the results you want.

Making Projects Happen
This interactive briefing will show you how to specify projects from start to finish with the minimum fuss. It will guide you through the key elements of effective project management and the principles you need to follow to ensure you bring your project in on time, to specification and most importantly on budget. Time is also spent in this workshop about how to deal with projects that are heading ‘off the rails’ and will give you ideas about how to maintain the momentum of your project.

Managing the Poor Performer
People fail to perform as well as they might for a variety of reasons. It is important that these issues are dealt with speedily and informally to prevent the need for disciplinary action. This interactive briefing workshop will show how to deal with matters as soon as the first signs of poor performance start to show.

Motivating the Team
This interactive briefing workshop identifies the main motivators affecting people in the workplace. It covers the different types of motivation and gives ideas about how to design job roles to meet individual needs. You will also be provided with tips and ideas on how to overcome demotivation in staff members.

Being able to get the right outcome from a negotiation is about getting a deal that meets your needs and those of the other party. This interactive briefing workshop identifies the key stages of negotiation; indicating the best actions at each stage and also pointing out the pitfalls too. It covers preparation for the negotiation, planning and undertaking the meetings.

Get and Stay Organised
All businesses have limited resources and managers make huge efforts to plan how they are going to be deployed. A resource which sometimes get overlooked is ‘time’ and of course this is a resource which once it is gone… it is gone forever!!! Not being on top of the job can lead to feelings of frustration, inadequacy and eventually stress and these reactions can also spill over to affect other aspects of your life.  Working for someone who isn’t very organised and is a poor time manager is also very difficult and can lead to staff leaving or even worse adopting those poor time management habits too.

Getting organised and staying that way demands a degree of commitment and this briefing will take you through how to prioritise, how to take an objective view of where you find yourself and give you some real workable ideas about how to get better at managing your time and help others to do so too.

Recruitment Skills
Finding the right person to fill a vacancy can feel like a huge task; getting it wrong is costly, time consuming and can affect your business in many ways. Often we are faced with recruiting in a hurry and also when we may have not undertaken an interview for a while and feel very out of practice. Candidates may come across as very plausible and capable can turn out to just have been very good at being interviewed; which leaves us with an employee who can’t do the job and another problem for us to tackle. The recruitment process can be broken down into more manageable chunks and this briefing will help you tackle filling a vacancy in a structured and measured way. Often we don’t really consider what skills we are looking for or what the changing business needs are and end up going on instinct alone. This briefing will help you identify what skills and abilities you are looking for, how to structure your interview around these competencies and how to collect the information from the candidates to enable you to make a correct decision.

Close the Sale
No matter how good your idea or concept for your business is, sooner or later you are going to have to sell it. Really good salespeople know that there are a whole range of actions that have an effect on the likelihood of a sale being made, and ‘patter’ isn’t one of them. Because people buy people first, this programme aims to take delegates for a structured whirlwind tour through the sales process, getting face to face, things to do to make an ally of the buyer and getting to the crucial point where the order pad is produced. This programme is designed to help people who shy away from sales, people for whom it’s only a part of their job and anyone who wants to get just a bit better at turning attention into action.

This interactive briefing workshop is ideal for managers and leaders facing staff changes or changes in how the business operates. It explains how teams develop and grow, and the part managers play in making the team work effectively.

Coaching and Developing your Staff
Understanding how to develop your staff is a key management skills. People who are coached and trained properly are more motivated, make less mistakes, are more confident and likely to stay with you. People have differing learning styles and if you can vary your approach to match their needs you will get a better result. There are many different types of activity and approaches which can give you significant results in a relatively short period of time. Coaching can be a very effective way of dealing with people whose performance is not meeting expectations as well as those whose performance shows real potential for development.

Performance Management
People fail to perform as well as they might for a variety of reasons. It is important that these issues are dealt with speedily and informally to prevent the need for disciplinary action. This interactive briefing workshop will show how to deal with matters as soon as the first signs of poor performance start to show.

Managing Attendance
When staff don’t come to work it causes problems, the few people who regularly don’t come can cause a range of employee relations challenges for managers to cope with. The legal position can appear tricky and it can be hard to make the right decisions. This half day course aims to track the process of handling non-attenders from their first failure to attend through the options that are open to employers with clear guidance about what to do at each decision point; legal issues and the impact of the disability provisions in the Equality Act will all be covered. 

Briefing and Talking to the Team
Managers who have a team reporting to them need to keep their team involved and informed. This one day, highly interactive workshop will help them understand the importance of team briefing as a motivational tool and be more confident when speaking to a group of people. Poor communication within a business often produces negativity and can cause hostility, so it is vital that managers and team leaders have the tools to cope with this and learn how to tailor team briefings to individual teams whilst also delivering the core brief.

Team Management Workshop
Encompassing all the elements required to be a successful manager or team leader, this workshop spans three days which examines the individual’s current style and provides opportunities for discussions and exercises to hone their skills. Motivating their team, setting objectives, planning and organisational skills are all part of this intense learning experience, at the end of which individuals will have developed an action plan to develop themselves and their team.

Survive and Thrive
Take control of yourself, your people and your business and move your business forwards today.Times are tough for all businesses and organisations regardless of size. However the small/medium sized business sector is particularly vulnerable at this time. There is financial, organisational and emotional pressure everywhere you look. We understand this and are delighted to offer a half day briefing where we will show you how to clear your thinking, review what you are doing and develop your business despite the difficult conditions. In fact when faced with adversity, often the best ideas and ways of implementing them are discovered.

Many small businesses and indeed individuals within them, respond in these uncertain times, by becoming immobilised and unadventurous- hoping it will all pass. This can be the route to more oblivion. But this can be a time of opportunity and innovation. Businesses which face the issues, analyse their markets and keep responding quickly to the changing market place are the ones who will grow, even now.

To find out more or to book these courses contact the FSDF team on 0118 988 4468 or email