Climate Change Agreements


Re-issue of underlying agreements.

In December 2016 the CCA Administration Regulations were amended to implement Government’s decision to increase the buy-out fee price from £12 to £14 per tonne carbon dioxide equivalent, from the start of the third Target Period (commencing 1 January 2017). 

On 30 December 2016 we served variation notices on all sector associations and operators holding agreements at that time to amend the rules to reflect this change.  We advised our intention to re-issue both the umbrella and underlying agreements at some later date.  Updated versions of the umbrella agreements were sent to the sector associations for signing in August 2017 and the last one was received back in January 2018.  Copies of the new umbrella agreements have now been uploaded to the CCA Register and will also be uploaded to GOV.UK shortly.

We are now ready to re-issue underlying agreements containing the new rules on buy-out fee price for TP3 and TP4.  The updated agreements will be sent to all operators, except those who have a variation that is currently being progressed or who applied for a new entrant application or variation after 1 January 2017.  (All applications and variations processed since January 2017 have used the updated version of the underlying agreement and will not be reissued.) 

We intend to start the re-issue of underlying agreements on 10 May 2018 using a semi-automated script within the CCA Register.  The process will result in the CCA Register sending via email a copy of the updated underlying agreement to the email addresses held in the CCA Register for the Responsible Person and Administrative contacts of each individual Target Unit. 

Please be advised that operators are not expected to provide their assent to this version of the underlying agreement.  This is being issued purely for ease of reference and serves only to consolidate the underlying agreement currently in force with the variation notice served in December 2016.

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