FSA Decision on Health & Identification Marks


Health and identification marks are the oval stamps that must be applied to certain food products of animal origin (POAO) and confirm that such products have been produced in a UK approved establishment. The mark also indicates that the product has been inspected and is fit for human consumption.

Between the 27th July and the 8th October the Food Standards Agency (FSA) consulted in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on proposed changes to the UK’s health and identification marks as a result of the UK leaving the EU. Food Standards Scotland (FSS) undertook a similar exercise in Scotland.

The FSA is working with Defra to agree an implementation period that will allow Food Business Operators the opportunity to use packaging carrying the EC identification mark for a limited period for products produced after the UK ceases to be a Member State of the EU, for the domestic market only and not for export. The FSA will advise when a decision has been made regarding this issue.

Read the FSA note to stakeholders here