FSDF Calls on Prime Minister to Act to Remove Risk of No Deal


The Food Storage and Distribution Federation has joined other leaders from across the logistics industry to call on the Prime Minister to act to prevent a UK exit from the EU with ‘no deal’.

It highlights our view that the UK is not ready to manage the flow of goods into and out of the UK if UK ceases to be part of the EU single market and there is no transitional agreement agreed on the 29th March.

The big risks relate to the way that goods exported from the UK will be allowed to enter the single market via the Dover/Folkestone to Calais crossings. The UK Government, the Ports and Eurotunnel have made extensive preparations for how it will manage trade flows.

So much so that there is a general confidence that the process and approach to managing inbound flow of goods into the UK is well understood. The same cannot be said for the outbound flows. There remain big unanswered questions about what the EU will expect the authorities at its border to require before it allows goods, vehicles and people to enter the EU. 

The letter can be viewed here.

FSDF CEO Shane Brennan has also written an article on the subject which can be viewed here.