How to Improve Diversity in the Boardroom


Croner bring us top tips on how to improve diversity in the boardroon.

With the Hampton-Alexander Review revealing that only 29% of FTSE 100 board positions are occupied by women, Croner look at how diversity in the boardroom can be improved and how this benefits organisations.

In an open and diverse world, an inclusive and diverse board will only help to improve reputation and your company brand. This is because it reflects the real world, and shows you have the interests and considerations of multiple demographics in mind.

Often, when facing a complex issue, having a diverse board helps solve the problem more effectively. Divergent backgrounds mean tackling the same idea in differing ways, and therefore more likely to come to a competent solution.

Genpact’s Tiger Tyagarajan explains, “To attract the best talent into the company, you need to appeal to 100 percent of the top talent, not 50 percent. To do that, you need strong female role models.”

For retailers in particular, the reality is that women make up more than half of global purchasers. Board diversity is simply better business.

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