M20 to become a lorry park post Brexit


The government has plans to park trucks on the M20 in event of post-Brexit customs delays at Dover.
The Department for Transport says it has plans to park trucks on one lane of the M20 in the event of there being “serious disruption to cross-Channel transport”.

The ministerial statement, which issued by transport minister Jesse Norman, said: “In his November announcement, the secretary of State [Chris Grayling] also asked Highways England to develop an improved interim arrangement for holding lorries on the M20, whilst allowing traffic to continue to flow in both directions and keeping junctions open.

“The Department has now agreed with Highways England that this arrangement should take the form of a contraflow system which would see lorries for the Port of Dover and Eurotunnel held on the coast-bound carriageway between junctions 8-9 of the M20, while other traffic will use a contraflow to continue their journey on the other side of the motorway. Highways England are starting the preparatory works for the scheme now and it will be available from early 2019.

The department has not specified what “serious disruption” might be but it does say the new system will be available from early 2019 which is when the UK will leave the EU and a no deal Brexit would cause customs chaos at the Channel ports.

SOURCE: http://www.globalcoldchainnews.com/m20-to-become-a-lorry-park-post-brexit/