DEFRA Guidance on F gas and ODS if there’s no Brexit deal


Using and trading in fluorinated gases and ozone depleting substances if there’s no Brexit deal.

Following our Technical Notice published in September, we have developed more detailed guidance for businesses on what to do if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

View the additional guidance at:

In the unlikely event of no deal, new UK regulations will apply from 29 March 2019. These new regulations will transfer most of the requirements of the EU regulations into UK law.

This additional guidance provides further information on the UK quota system for HFCs and the administration of this system. The guidance sets out how quota transfers and authorisations will operate, including with regards to existing EU quota authorisations, and how businesses will be required to report on F gas activity.

Similarly for ODS, the guidance provides information on the UK ODS quota, licensing and reporting system.

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