EPEE video on R404A


EPEE have recently released a brochure on R404A and the F Gas regs, EPEE have also produced a short video. 

CLICK HERE to view the video and download the brochure.

As part of a broader communications campaign, four leading associations in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) sector – EPEE, AREA, Asercom and EFCTC – have joined forces in an unprecedented effort to call upon European installers to stop using high GWP refrigerants in the equipment they install, in particular R-404A and R-507A.

To this end, the associations have developed a leaflet for installers highlighting the key actions needed to tackle the difficult market situation created by high HFC prices and low availability. The leaflet urges installers to stop using R-404A and R-507A in new equipment, retrofit existing equipment with lower GWP refrigerants, reduce leakages and charge sizes, and recover, recycle and reclaim refrigerants.

SOURCE: https://www.epeeglobal.org/refrigerants/installer-leaflet/