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The Senior Traffic Commissioner is considering making changes to the Statutory Document relating to Vocational Driver Conduct.

The aim of the vocational driver conduct regime is to ensure that drivers are fit to drive large commercial vehicles. The Statutory Document (in conjunction with others) assists traffic commissioners in their decision making. It also contains helpful information for drivers and those who employ them or are responsible for their management.

In reviewing the Statutory Document our aim was to ensure clear guidance to industry and to support improvements in our processes. Many of the amendments recognise changes in the law and decisions made on appeal.

The consultation seeks to gather formal responses from the industry, stakeholders and other interested parties on the specific changes made to Statutory Document No.6 entitled Vocational Driver Conduct. In summary, the changes concern:

  • driver disqualification
  • abusive behaviour and intimidation of officials
  • hearing cases when drivers fail to attend without notice
  • additional language support for drivers during hearings
  • the increased penalties for mobile phone use
  • armed services personnel
  • the entry points, aggravating features and case examples

To take part in this consultation CLICK HERE

The consultation closed on 24th July.

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