HACCP – foundation (level 2) and refresher courses


HACCP Foundation Level 2 Training

The course is designed to give participants a good introduction to the concept, principles and terminology of HACCP.  We use a mix of tutor presentations and short exercises to meet this objective.  The course is very suitable for non-core HACCP team members and staff needing an overview of HACCP.  It is also very useful as a refresher for more experienced personnel.   In addition, delegates have the opportunity to achieve a nationally recognised Foundation Level (2) qualification in HACCP.

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HACCP Refresher course

Food operations need to ensure that their HACCP team members have the required knowledge and understanding of the HACCP principles.  Refresher training in HACCP would help food operations demonstrate to external and third party auditors that the team’s knowledge and understanding has been maintained.

This course is designed to give previously trained participants an update on developments in HACCP and to provide an opportunity to discuss issues regarding HACCP with an experienced HACCP specialist.  To achieve this the course has a mix of tutor presentations and discussion sessions, exercises are included to promote participant involvement.  The course is suitable for participants that have been previously trained at the Intermediate (Level 3) or Advanced (Level 4) levels.

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