Health & Safety Update: Stress


HSE has reported that work-related stress is the second most commonly reported cause of occupational ill health in Great Britain, and if not managed properly, can lead to chronic physical and mental health conditions.

Our recently updated annual statistics show why taking a preventative approach has never been so important and why we are tackling work-related stress as one of our health priorities.

A good place to start is our Go Home Healthy microsite where you’ll find links to further information and case studies, as well as HSE’s health priority plans.

HSE Books also has an area of its website dedicated to work-related stress allowing you to quickly access the most relevant titles.

If you are looking to implement the HSE Management Standards approach, then our new online Stress Indicator Tool is a quick and easy way to determine the extent to which work related stress is a problem in your organisation.

It features a survey of thirty-five questions that ask about six key areas of work that, if not managed properly, are known to be potential causes of workplace stress.

The new software improves upon HSE’s original paper-based ‘Indicator Tool’ which required manual completion and relied upon Microsoft Excel for its data analysis and results presentation. 

The new digital version allows the survey to be accessed and completed online and automates the data analysis saving time and administrative burden. You can use the findings of the survey, alongside other data, to develop a risk assessment that’s based on evidence.

Take a look at an example online survey, an example autoreport (PDF download) and our licencing costs.

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