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Here is a selection of the latest news from the HSE.

Everyone should go home healthy from work.  Twelve thousand workers die each year from lung disease. Nine million working days are lost each year because of musculoskeletal disordersTwelve million working days were lost last year because of stress. Find out more by visiting the Go Home Healthy Webpages.

Sector plans and Health priority plans

HSE’s focus over the next 3–5 years is set out in sector and cross-cutting thematic plans. These cover 19 industry sectors and 3 themes on work-related ill health.

They have benefited from the input of employers, trade unions and professional bodies, and reflect the direction we set out in Helping Great Britain work well. To view the plans visit HSE’s Website.

HSE’s Manufacturing Sector Plan Launched

HSE’s Sector Plans detail what HSE’s Manufacturing Sector are doing to help Great Britain work well.

The Manufacturing Sector Plan covers a diverse range of activities, from engineering, small-scale motor vehicle repair, woodworking and metal fabrication, paper and plastic manufacture, food and drink production to car manufacture, heavy engineering and shipbuilding. On average, 27 workers are killed each year in this sector, accounting for almost 20% of all workplace fatalities.

Known health issues across the sector include musculoskeletal disorders, work-related stress and occupational lung disease. 

Workplace injury and ill health cost Britain £14.9bn in 2016/17.

The annual statistics for health and safety at work in Great Britain have been released. The figures cover work-related ill health, workplace injuries, working days lost, costs to Britain and enforcement action taken.

You can view and download the statistics at our website here.

Pre-Order Vital Statistics Poster 2017 

This new poster visualises the key health and safety statistics from 2016/17 in an infographic style. 

The vital statistics poster allows health and safety professionals to easily educate their workforce about the consequences of poor health and safety.

You can pre-order your vital statistics poster here

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