A phased approach to testing heavy vehicles


From Sunday 20 May 2018, a significant number of specialised heavy vehicles will fall into the scope of annual testing for the first time.

To declare their weight and load most of them will need to be plated before they are tested.

Reminder about the phased approach

DVSA is implementing a phased approach for most vehicle types affected. This will extend the date for compliance, under certain circumstances up to 20 May 2019 at the latest. It’s based on the Vehicle Excise Duty renewal date for the relevant vehicles.

This will help to make sure the implementation allows industry more flexibility to balance out the testing of their fleet over a longer period.

Find out more about the phased approach

Staying compliant

If you’re a vehicle owner or operator, you’ll need to:

  • establish whether your vehicle is subject to annual testing
  • assess whether the phased approach applies to your vehicle
  • make sure your vehicle’s safety inspections are up to date if the phased approach applies to you and you intend to defer testing beyond 20 May 2018
  • apply for your plates and book the vehicle’s test in good time before your vehicle needs to be tested

ensure your vehicle has a valid goods vehicle testing certificate in place by the point of Vehicle Excise Duty renewal after 19 May 2018.