Chiltern Distribution Gets Payload With Coolkit Vans


Chiltern Distribution has turned to refrigerated converter CoolKit to help it deliver a growing number of ‘just in time’ deliveries to meet customer demand.

Paul Jackson, managing director of Chiltern Distribution, has recently purchased two Mercedes Sprinter temperature-controlled vans from CoolKit as part of its vehicle replacement scheme.

Chiltern Distribution can transport anything that requires a temperature-controlled service between -25 degrees and +25 degrees, and the company’s main industries include the pharmaceutical and food sectors.

Jackson, who has been with the company for 25 years, said the European-wide company has seen a sharp rise in the number of ‘just in time’ requests.

He said: “More and more people go hand to mouth, requiring smaller, more regular deliveries – especially with items such as fast food products.”

The two new Mercedes Sprinter refrigerated vans from CoolKit brings Chiltern’s fleet to 40 articulated 44-tonne trucks and eight panel vans
Chiltern’s specific requirements included a dual-compartment vehicle with a moveable bulkhead, pallet protection pack, LED lighting, ATP specification, and temperature recorder.

Jackson said: “The vehicles are on the road seven days a week and get a lot of use so what I’m interested in is the quality of the build. I need a converted vehicle that will do 350,000 miles over three years.

“CoolKit’s vehicles are well built, durable conversions. The insulation quality is to a high standard, so, over time, we should also see fuel cost savings and less wear on the vehicles.

“The key thing CoolKit offers compared to other converters is the extra payload capacity. An extra 70kg per van is 7% of the payload. A pallet of goods is usually sold by the tonne, and the weight may be slightly over the threshold for the older vehicles. Without the newer CoolKit vehicles I’d have to send a HGV, which is more costly.”