Five Minutes with FSDF Associate Member GNB Industrial Power


GNB Industrial Power joined us in October last year and are sponsoring the Health & Safety Awards at this year’s FSDF Annual Lunch, where Tom will be presenting the awards to the winners on 23rd May at Lord’s Cricket Ground. We spent five minutes with them to find out more.

Since joining FSDF as an Associate Member in 2018, GNB Industrial Power has already made a big impact. The battery manufacturer is giving free priority energy consultations to FSDF members, which are proving very popular!

The free consultation includes an impartial look at all the technologies available to maximise the efficiency of your warehouse. Among these is GNB TENSOR, an increasingly popular battery in the food industry. It performs over 50% better than a standard battery, and excels in sub-zero temperatures.

Who is the best person to contact at GNB?

FSDF members should get in touch with Tom Naylor, GNB’s business development manager. His free, impartial advice recently helped one company reduce its annual energy bill by £50,000. Contact Tom and discover how you can:

  • Save up to 70% on your energy bills
  • Substantially reduce total cost of ownership
  • Improve operating efficiency by reducing the size of your battery fleet
  • Reduce carbon emissions by up to 70%

Tom’s contact details

Call Tom on 07825 171 475 or email, quoting “FSDF” to book your free energy consultation.

Why is it important for GNB to be part of FSDF?

GNB has a long history of serving the food distribution and storage sector. FSDF membership helps GNB stay on top of industry trends, build deeper relationships with customers, and continue to advance its technology.

What are your aspirations for the industry?

Many businesses still operate with large energy inefficiencies, which increase both costs and environmental impact. GNB wants to see every business get the most from their warehouse and forklift fleet, whether it’s a FTSE-100 company or a family-owned business.

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