Five Minutes with FSDF Associate Member RGVA Ltd


RGVA joined FSDF as an Associate Member at the end of 2018, we spoke to RGVA to find out more information regarding who to contact what they can offer the FSDF members.

Who is the main person that our members could contact for information;

Gary Shanks – 07592 502080 –

What do they do & contact details;

National Sales Account Manager. Gary has a passion for the vehicle graphics industry and is passionate about providing customers with high quality livery designs and material specifications. He works tirelessly to speak to all customer big and small and provide a great quality service to all.

Why is it important to be a part of FSDF?

This is one of the main sectors that we deal with currently and came name many FSDF members as current customers. We have a great relationship with these customers and are looking to build similar relationships with other FSDF members.

What are their aspirations for the industry?

To be known as a customer focused, vehicle branding company, with an excellent reputation and expertise. We want to be able to provide, great quality, lasting graphics on the best quality materials.

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