Five Minutes With FSDF Member Company Shop


FSDF member Company Shop Group is the UK’s largest commercial redistributor of food and household surplus. As a business at the forefront of the food waste prevention campaign, the Group strives to change mindsets and educate across the sector, to unlock the full potential in surplus and avoid unnecessary waste. The Group’s clients include retailers, manufacturers as well as food service and logistics providers.

Company Shop Group is home to Company Shop (its retail operation) and the award-winning social enterprise Community Shop.

Five minutes with Sally Wake, Commercial Director, Company Shop Group

  • Who is the main person that our members could contact for information?

As surplus can occur at any point in the food supply chain, we’re very keen to speak with all FSDF members to understand more about them and their businesses. By doing this, we can help them unlock the full potential in their surplus and ensure food reaches people’s plates as was originally intended.

FSDF members looking for a trusted redistribution partner can contact Charlotte Slack (Head of Chill) on or David Thompson (Head of Ambient) on or they can call our surplus hotline on 0800 211 84 84.

FSDF members looking to enquire about membership opportunities for their employees, can contact Janette Sherwood on or call the membership hotline on 01226 355186.

  • What can FSDF members benefit from?

We work closely with our clients to unlock the full potential in their surplus – financially, socially and environmentally. What this means is that FSDF members can actually benefit from a financial return for their surplus instead of paying for waste disposal costs. With a heritage spanning five decades, we protect our partners’ brands through our stringent brand integrity protocols and controls, so members can be assured that their brands are in safe hands. And we can help FSDF members meet their CSR objectives and provide impact reports to show the difference being made by working collaboratively.

Many of our partners also choose to donate some or all of their surplus stock to support our award-winning social enterprise, Community Shop. Based in some of the most low-income communities across the UK, Community Shop offers food access to those who need it most but can afford it least. Membership to the store is open to those who receive welfare support and live locally. Revenues raised from the enterprise are used to deliver professional and personal development programmes to build stronger individuals and more confident communities.

We’re also offering FSDF members an opportunity to arrange waste walks on their sites with our expert colleagues so that together, we can help identify surplus and see where we can help.

What are your aspirations for the industry?

Recently, we were delighted to be awarded almost £1.96m worth of funding as part of Defra’s commitment to significantly reduce the amount of food unnecessarily going to waste in England. This will support our new Harnessing Harder to Reach Surplus project, aided by the creation of an additional, specialist team of surplus intervention experts. It is aimed at identifying, re-purposing and redistributing the harder to reach surplus from higher up the supply chain.

Our aspiration for the industry is to work closely with us to identify this surplus. See more here:

Why is it important to be part of FSDF?

We can handle and redistribute surplus across the entire food supply chain. It is important for us to engage and collaborate with FSDF members and work together to address any surplus redistribution challenges.

The FSDF also presents great opportunities for networking, sponsorship and engagement with peers across the industry and we’re delighted to support in any way that we can. When we work together, the biggest changes happen and we can all make a difference to reducing food waste.