Fowler Welch delivers the Nations Tricks and Treats this Halloween


Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without the traditional pumpkin carving, and each year FSDF member Fowler Welch’s expert teams work around the clock to make sure this booming holiday is delivered on time.

Over 2.8M pumpkins are transported, stored and delivered to over 25 locations up and down the country, after being grown and harvested at farms in Wisbech and Spalding.

This equates to around 13,000 tonnes of pumpkins delivered in store each year; enough to line up around the M25 five times.

Fowler Welch CEO Nick Hay comments, “This peak in the season is where our expert teams really come into their own, to make sure product is delivered on time and in full ready for the festivities. In the last 15 years, demand has grown by over 100% and we only expect this to grow and our facilities have the capacity and ability to keep up with these consumer needs.”