Fowler Welch Reports Record MPG Following Latest Initiatives


In the year ending March 2018, leading supply chain expert & FSDF member Fowler Welch increased its MPG from 9.43MPG to 9.75MPG, reducing carbon emissions by a further 2,000 tonnes from 2017, across its fleet alone.

This 3.4% reduction of carbon emissions is the well-earned result of continued focus on sustainability initiatives across the Fowler Welch business. Over the last few years, Fowler Welch has worked across its fleet, warehouses and alongside customers, putting targeted investment into its overall sustainability, leading to a total 14% carbon emissions in the past five years.

With over 450 trucks on the road, fleet represented a significant opportunity for carbon reduction for the business, so a number of initiatives were introduced, including telematics across all vehicles and a driver league table recognising ‘good driver behaviours’ including cruise control, load sympathy and braking control’, which has impacted MPG significantly.

Nick Hay, CEO of Fowler Welch said, “Across the business we have a real focus on driving down carbon emissions. We’ve left no stone unturned in our efforts to reduce carbon emissions by a combination of investing in better, more carbon-efficient equipment, adopting innovative technology and implementing strategic carbon reduction collaborations with our customers.

“As a result, since 2012 we have significantly cut overall energy consumption via a range of initiatives by over 14%, and the latest MPG results show that our efforts are continuing to see great success. Our holistic approach to our environmental impact is saving over 10,000 tonnes of CO2 per annum, and with a further 2,000 tonnes reduced, it is definitely a positive reflection on our targeted investments, which in turn positions us as a market-leading low carbon transport and storage business.”

Fowler Welch has also recently been nominated for the Motor Transport Partnership award for its partnership with Dairy Crest, as well as The Grocer Gold Award Logistics Supplier of the Year award.