FSDF are pleased to announce GNB Industrial Power Ltd as the Sponsor of the 2019 Health & Safety Awards


The sponsors of the 2019 FSDF Health & Safety Awards will be GNB Industrial Power Ltd, Exide global battery solutions.

The Health & Safety Awards will be presented after the FSDF Annual Lunch on Thursday 23rd May at The Oval, London, more details can be found here – https://www.fsdf.org.uk/event/fsdf-annual-lunch-and-agm/ 

Details of the FSDF Health & Safety Awards can be found here – https://www.fsdf.org.uk/health-safety/2019-award-nominations/ 

Thank you to GNB Industrial Power Ltd, FSDF is looking forward to working with you.

Information regarding GNB can be found here – https://www.exide.com/en