FSDF welcomes new associate member Astrata Europe B.V.


Astrata Europe, part of the Astrata Group – formerly known as Qualcomm, is a global leader in enterprise management software and advanced location-based IT solutions.

Astrata has more than 25 years’ experience in developing high-end telematics software for HGVs and LCVs and is one of the fastest-growing companies in this sector world-wide. With more than 500 customers, including Shell, Tesco, DHL, TNT Express and Waberer’s, Astrata provides solutions for any size or type of vehicle.

Our latest product, VanLinc, is an intelligent fleet management solution designed just for LCVs and vans. It does not just manage fleets, but it drives productivity and growth. 

VanLinc integrates with any refrigeration unit and transmits temperature data live to the user to monitor and safeguard the right, constant temperature throughout transport. This information can be passed on to the end-user for extra guarantee – delivering excellent customer service.

Real-time insights will help to fine-tune the workforce and streamline processes. Seamless integration with any other existing operational business software increases access to meaningful data to make smarter decisions. 

Astrata’s solutions are further strengthened by industry-leading technology from integration partners, including TomTom BRIDGE, Paragon, IVECO and the majority of refrigerated-unit providers. Data is protected in highly secured data centres. 

The UK sales team, headed up by Keith Watson, would be delighted to discuss VanLinc or any other product from the Astrata portfolio.

Read more at vanlinc.astrata.eu and astrata.eu or call on +44 (0)203 002 1628.