FSDF Welcomes New Associate Member Backhouse Jones Solicitors


The UK Independent Chambers Guide 2014 describes Backhouse Jones as “the premier firm dealing with road transport regulatory work with far and away the biggest market share of any firm in this field”. We are a specialist niche company because all our clients have one common characteristic – the transportation of goods or passengers by road. By concentrating our expertise within one industry we provide an identifiably bespoke service; it follows that through this clear and unequivocal strategy we provide our clients (both LGV and PCV) with a commercial advantage. We act for clients in the private and public sector, both national and international operating from one to several thousand vehicles. We are absolutely “industry specific”. Whilst the company can trace its heritage to 1819 it only represented its first Road Transport Operator in 1930 . The explanation for this is that the first transport act was only introduced in 1930.

Since then commercial road transport has grown to become the life blood of the UK economy with 80% of traded goods being carried by road and 5billion bus passenger journeys every year.. Transport legislation has become inextricably linked with the industry and has grown not only in extent but also in complexity. However the fundamental principles of transport legislation continue to concentrate on safeguards for road safety, the harmonisation of competition together with economic and environmental issues.

Nowhere is this relationship more crucial than at enforcement level as legislators seek to reconcile growing transport needs and the imposition of legislation (especially EC regulation). Nearly every tier of UK Regulatory Law (from areas as diverse as employment and environmental law) has a specific element that is relevant to the transport sector.

The promotion of these principles has imposed extensive legislative compliance on transport operators and this requires us to provide distinctive legal knowledge to ensure regulatory compliance. Backhouse Jones has the capacity and confidence to deal with all aspects of transport and law with equal skill and each area of legal expertise is dealt with -in depth- by a specialist lawyer who will always apply his/her mind to the commercial needs of your transport business. We communicate using your terminology and – above all – understand that your business, whether one or several thousand vehicles is dependent upon the granting and retention of an Operator’s Licence.

The experience and uniqueness of Backhouse Jones shapes our advice for your financial benefit. The important constant is that we do not just deal with law – we deal with transport and law.