Rick Bestwick Announce New Meat Packing Line


FSDF member Rick Bestwick, Part of the Magnavale Group, announced on Monday 25th February that it has opened a new meat packing line for its customers. This addition to its services allows the company to handle exposed product and pack it for the UK, European and South Korean markets.

Colin Taylor, Rick Bestwick CEO, commented, “It’s a trend we’re seeing in the industry, producers want to focus on their core activity rather than things like packing, labelling, blast freezing etc. Outsourcing these activities allows our customers to avoid the pitfalls of maintenance, breakdowns, equipment costs, inspections and the costly need to recruit and train staff.

Packing is a natural expansion of the already extensive range of services we offer at Rick Bestwick and now our customers can simply produce their product and send it to us to handle everything from packing to labelling, blast freezing, storage and export.”

Rick Bestwick has an international focus and their new packing line is already approved for export to the key Asian market of South Korea and they intend to expand that capability further in the near future to more markets in East Asia.