Union Custom Code Update


Customs have, this year released the below Customs Information Paper (CIP). FSDF member Britannia Bureau would like to forewarn you that any businesses operating open ended customs procedures (Customs warehousing for example) under the old Community Customs Code, will shortly be receiving a letter from HMRC (In January) advising of the re authorisation process under the Union Customs Code (UCC).

To summarise, in January businesses will be asked to complete a reassessment form and between April this year and April next everyone will be reassessed under the UCC.

In order to avoid unnecessary cost that is associated with operating procedures under UCC, Britannia Bureau strongly suggest that you take the necessary steps and consideration.
This will include applying for a CCG (Comprehensive Guarantee) as soon as possible and consider the benefits of AEO application at your earliest convenience.

View the CIP here..

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