Wincanton wins Asda renewal for dedicated Transport & Warehousing


FSDF member Wincanton has renewed its contract with another FSDF member Asda to provide dedicated transport and warehousing for the next three years. The Wincanton-Asda relationship dates back to 2005.

The renewal will see a continuation of operations at four Asda sites in Doncaster, Larne, Rochdale and Wigan, covering frozen, chilled and ambient grocery, and general merchandise nationwide. The contract employs 1,216 Wincanton staff and uses 58 vehicles.

Jon Parry, vice president, Asda Logistics Services, said: “We are pleased to be renewing our contract with Wincanton for a further three years. This will continue to build on our strong working relationship that has stretched over the last 13 years and we look forward to the ongoing collaborative approach that will no doubt bring further value to the Asda logistics network.”

Ian Keilty, managing director of Retail and Consumer at Wincanton, said: “Our collaborative working bond has allowed us to build a stronger understanding of the Asda supply chain. We’ve used this knowledge to assist Asda in unlocking new value from its supply chain operations, which is evidence of our successful partnership.”