Food Distributors Warn of £100 Million Red Diesel Shock to Supply Chain

Increased food prices and a slowdown in investment in innovative technologies will be the result if Government presses ahead with proposals to remove food distributors’ prerogative to use red diesel to power refrigeration on vehicles. That is the warning of the Food Storage and Distribution Federation, which has written to Environment Secretary Michael Gove. The proposals, which are subject to consultation by the Treasury, form part of the Clean Air Strategy that sets objectives for reducing levels of air pollution. […]


As the Brexit negotiations continue, the UK public and businesses are made increasingly aware of the complexity of the situation and the task that lies ahead, but it is clear that both the UK and the EU are not on the same page. The EU negotiators want confirmation that the UK will pay what it believes are our financial responsibilities first and foremost, and only then can discussions on trade commence. However, in the blue corner, the UK want assurances […]


The recent reported comments from Department for Transport Minister Andrew Jones to the Transport Select Committee, singularly fail to address the fundamental fact that reducing road space for any reason will cause added urban congestion, and increase pollution through vehicle emissions, if the current and increasing demand of the urban economy are to be met. An important part of this is feeding the Nation. Evidence from FSDF member companies, particularly in the foodservice sector is showing that if congestion causes […]

Polluting refrigeration units – Red Diesel review could hit hard

A recent article in Cold Chain News only serves to add to the concern which is mounting amongst FSDF members running fleets of temperature controlled distribution vehicles about the pressure mounting to restrict or even ban the use of the diesel driven refrigeration plant mounted on them. These fears emanate from continued assertions by the developers of the Dearman Engine Company nitrogen based refrigeration plant that all existing refrigeration plant is highly polluting. Suppositions have been put forward, such as […]

Brexit – Perpetual Stack

FSDF members and colleague companies and their National Associations across Europe are growing particularly concerned at the prospect of long commercial vehicle queues 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the ports of Dover and Calais and similar traffic disruption at other UK and Continental ports once the final break with the rest of Europe has been achieved and signed off. There is a real potential for disruption of the food supply chain and subsequent disappointment of consumers […]

FSDF Update on Illegal Immigrants Activity at Calais

Whilst the situation at Calais gets increasingly worse, with a reported 6000 immigrants seeking the opportunity to cross to the United Kingdom, the effect this is having on the fresh produce and chilled food chain from European sources continues to be a substantial problem. Chris Sturman, CEO of Food Storage and Distribution Federation explains: “As the sole trade body which represents and supports the interests of the entire food logistics industry, we are having regular conversations with our members regarding […]

‘Driver shortages are a big problem that will affect everyone’s pocket’ says the FSDF

Following the publication of the House Of Commons Transport Select Committee’s report which warns that current recruitment and training measures are falling short and won’t prevent the impending shortfall of goods vehicle drivers in the road haulage industry, Chris Sturman, CEO of the Food Storage and Distribution Federation explains the impact of driver shortages across the food and drink supply chain. “The FSDF is delighted to have been able to have had our input to the review and hearings which […]

FSDF Future Leader 2015 Announced

The Food Storage and Distribution Federation is delighted to announce the winner of its inaugural Future Leader Award 2015. Kane Thomason, 28, Site Operations Manager at XPO Logistics, Grimsby will represent the UK temperature controlled storage and distribution sector at the Global Cold Chain Alliance NextGen final in May. Applications were considered at the beginning of December and the finalists invited to make their presentations to a judging panel made up of FSDF Board Members on 21st January at Kenilworth. […]