Brexit – Perpetual Stack


FSDF members and colleague companies and their National Associations across Europe are growing particularly concerned at the prospect of long commercial vehicle queues 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the ports of Dover and Calais and similar traffic disruption at other UK and Continental ports once the final break with the rest of Europe has been achieved and signed off.

There is a real potential for disruption of the food supply chain and subsequent disappointment of consumers as they search in vain for products on the supermarket or corner shop shelf, that are traditionally supplied by producers and growers across the other 27 countries which make up the European Union.

We know that IT solutions are available to ensure that vehicles do not have to stop unless in very exceptional circumstances and this technology should be adopted by UK Border control and Revenue and Customs to enable the usual pre-Brexit goods flow to continue undisrupted. The alternative prospect is gridlock in Kent and Nord, Pas de Calais, with the added likelihood of increased incursions by illegal immigrants on static vehicles in France and shortages in the shops throughout the United Kingdom.