The integration of Transfrigoroute (UK) into the Food Storage and Distribution Federation (FSDF) was first announced on 1st October 2012, with the view to provide the combined memberships with an unrivalled source of industry knowledge and expertise, networking opportunities and membership services to cover all aspects of temperature controlled storage and distribution across the food supply chain.

Working together, the FSDF and Transfrigoroute UK teams are uniquely placed to offer expertise and advice regarding the safe transportation of perishable goods, and are affiliated to the Food Standards Agency and in regular contact with the Departments of Health and Transport. Through these links, the merged organisations provide members with a platform to influence and lobby national and international proposals affecting the temperature controlled transport industry.

Transfrigoroute UK History

Transfrigoroute UK has been at the forefront of advances in the temperature-controlled transport sector for many years, during which time its members have helped introduce processes and new legislation which has changed the way in which the industry operates both in the UK and Europe – some examples of which are listed below

Operations – Airflow
ATP Certification
Carnet du Passage

Now, represented by the Food Storage & Distribution Federation, Transfrigoroute UK continues to represent the interests of the temperature-controlled distribution sector both in the UK and Europe. Join us here.


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